Solar Trees

“GURGAON: Life in the capital and its bustling satellite cities can be both daunting and unsafe for women. Millions of women out on the streets here face the daily challenge of making a safe passage to their homes and many have their own tales of horror to tell.

TOI spoke to several women in the ‘Millennium City’ who were more than willing to recount their horror stories. All the women TOI spoke to said that they felt vulnerable and unsafe in the city most of the time”

Reaching home safely a daily challenge for Gurgaon women. The Times of India. Feb 4th, 2013.

For the city of Gurgaon, CELL has devised light sensitive solar trees that automatically turn on when daylight is fading. The innovative street lights can be positioned at roundabouts, in neighborhoods, etc. as per a city’s own convenience.

The key features include eight stainless steel branches, 8 solar PV panels, LED luminaires, one 1700 W battery, a concrete base for storing the battery, as well as, aesthetically designed seating surrounding the solar tree.

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