Rural Sanitation Initiative

Of the estimated billion people who defecate in the open, more than half reside in India. 620 million Indians defecate in the open every day.

To solve the issue of public sanitation, CELL devised the REUSEIT Tank. This game-changing sewage treatment system includes various models such mobile toilet vans, traditional constructions and pre-fabricated standalone toilets. With only one digester tablet to be put in the toilet every month, lab tests have revealed the effluent to have a PH of 7.24 (ie. The effluent is neutral, free of pathogens and stench free).

The Technology is a Game-Changer because…

1. It continuously converts human waste into resource in an easy, effective way beginning 36 hours after its first use.

2. It is a modern, fast and easy solution – just put one tablet into the system once a month.

3. It returns nutrients to the soil.

4. It returns water to the soil.

5. It deals with waste on site, and does away with the need for lengthy sewer systems that are expensive to install and maintain.

6. It can be used to green areas around the toilet – as the effluent water is rich in nutrients.

7. It can be used both in the ground AND for mobile applications – as the tank is small.

8. It tackles the social stigma attached to the cleaning of pits – a stigma that has kept many people from using the toilets they already have. This system has no need for emptying or cleaning tanks, as the waste does not settle.

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