Bilateral and Multilateral Sponsored Programs

IFC funded project for Bangalore Water Sanitation Sewerage Board (BWSSB): The campaign aimed at garnering support from residents of Bangalore for privatization of Water Sanitation Sewerage services; adequately generating awareness to the public on the on-going initiatives and benefits of privatization; and also demonstrating that the required mitigation measures (tariff, regulation, etc.) that needed to be addressed.

USAID funded SARI/E (South Asia Regional Initiative for Energy Cooperation and Development: The project involved strategy formulation for propagating the cause of regional energy cooperation in South Asia and also identify opportunities and platforms for promoting the programme objectives.

World Bank funded Goa Water and Sanitation Programme (WSP: SA Project): The project involved undertaking a stakeholder research and assessment to understand perceptions and attitudes of Goa’s urban & rural population. As well as, to evaluate the current water and sanitation situation to help derive a strategy for reform.

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