Our Projects

Multi-Stakeholder Events

CELL provides end-to-end CSR and Sustainability services and is adept in designing strategic action plans with clearly defined implementation and measurement strategies. In conjunction with the program design and action plan, CELL will design a communication action plan for all stakeholders.

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CSR Development Campaigns: Consultancy and Project Design

Bilateral and Multilateral Sponsored Programs

IFC funded project for Bangalore Water Sanitation Sewerage Board (BWSSB): The campaign aimed at garnering support from residents of Bangalore for privatization of Water Sanitation Sewerage services; adequately generating awareness to the public on the on-going initiatives and benefits of privatization; and also demonstrating that the required mitigation measures (tariff, regulation, etc.) that needed to be addressed.

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Rural Sanitation Initiative

Of the estimated billion people who defecate in the open, more than half reside in India. 620 million Indians defecate in the open every day.

To solve the issue of public sanitation, CELL devised the REUSEIT Tank. This game-changing sewage treatment system includes various models such mobile toilet vans, traditional constructions and pre-fabricated standalone toilets. With only one digester tablet to be put in the toilet every month, lab tests have revealed the effluent to have a PH of 7.24 (ie. The effluent is neutral, free of pathogens and stench free).

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Solar Trees

For the city of Gurgaon, CELL has devised light sensitive solar trees that automatically turn on when daylight is fading. The innovative street lights can be positioned at roundabouts, in neighborhoods, etc. as per a city’s own convenience.

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