CSR Consultancy Services

CSR and Sustainability Services

CELL provides end-to-end CSR and Sustainability services and is adept in designing strategic action plans with clearly defined implementation and measurement strategies. In conjunction with the program design and action plan, CELL will design a communication action plan for all stakeholders. At CELL we believe that CSR can be a powerful tool to engage stakeholders and to solve challenges that an organization faces. At CELL we have developed a unique framework to which we apply your organization’s strengths and challenges so that a tailor-made CSR program emerges especially suited to your needs and aspirations.

Identifying Credible Implementation Partners

We also help you identify credible partners who can be vital to the implementation of your CSR program. CELL has already partnered with reputed NGOs, foundations and civil society organizations. In addition we have a large database of such organizations spanning the length and breadth of the country to choose the most appropriate partner for your CSR needs.

Monitoring and Impact Assessment

CELL would also be involved in monitoring the activities and carrying out impact assessment studies of the initiatives to make sure that they are having the desired impact and will set up feedback mechanisms for timely updates and improvements.

CSR and Sustainability Reporting

CELL also offers report drafting and designing services to complement the work done on the ground. In addition, documenting the process through video and other media is also offered as a channel for communication to stakeholders.

Visibility for CSR Initiatives

CELL, through its association with Perfect Relations, would also highlight the impact of CSR-related efforts of the partner organization in regional, national and international media to increase visibility of such efforts.

Designing Workplace Policies

CELL can also assist you in designing workplace policies and volunteering opportunities to tie in with your CSR initiatives. Several studies have indicated that engaging employees in CSR activities results in higher employee motivation, making them feel as being ‘part of something bigger than themselves’; in the retention of human talent and in the overall increase in work efficiency.

Organizing Conclaves, Workshops, Events

CELL organizes national and international Conclaves/Workshops/Events to promote discussions, awareness and visibility for CSR and Sustainability related activities/ideas.

Capacity Building

At CELL we aid the top brass to get up to speed with the latest and greatest in CSR and sustainability so that it can be used as a strategic tool for risk assessment, brand positioning, reputation management, stakeholder engagement and inclusive growth to name a few. We also provide training and workshops for all level of employees in the organization to engage them in their Company’s CSR policies and encourage them to contribute.

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