About Us

The Centre for Ethical Life & Leadership (CELL) is a not for profit CSR and Sustainability Advisory. At CELL we believe that the best way to succeed in the future- is to create it.

We offer CSR, Sustainability, Diversity and & Inclusion consulting and hand-hold various aspects of their implementation from start-to-end along with partner organizations.

At CELL we truly value research and knowledge and have come to understand that any company that does not have at a long-term plan for CSR, Sustainability, Diversity and & Inclusion will feel unprepared to go into the future of business – a future that is primarily marked by an unprecedented rate of change and uncertainty.

The only real way to deal with rapid change and uncertainty is to build resilience and for that creating win-win situations is essential. Creating shared value for people, planet and profit is the only way businesses will survive in the future. It is with these core ideals that profit survives as well.

We also offer CSR policy creation in strict adherence to the CSR rules of the New Companies Act 2013- ranging from large groups with various subsidiaries to smaller businesses. We help organizations work out the technical nuances of how to plan and implement effective CSR and Sustainability strategies that are suited to their core competencies and prepare them sufficiently so that they may be able to ‘take over the reigns’ and function independently over time.

We also believe that having a diverse workforce is essential for organizations to be successful in today’s business environment and to develop products and services that are truly innovative and serve the needs of a much larger section of society. We can help you reach out to the un-tapped talent pool of persons with disabilities and create strategies to include them in your organization’s workforce. We can also help you with gender and generational diversity and support you in creating awareness, developing strategies and work out plans for implementation processes.

CELL Advisory is a not for profit initiative of the Perfect Relations group, one of India’s largest, independent and award-winning communications and image management consultancies. CELL is headed by Dr. S Y Quraishi, former Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) of India as Honorary chairman. Dr. Quraishi brings five decades of experience along with him through work in various government and social fields. As CEC he also oversaw, ‘the largest human event on earth’ that is- the Indian Elections.

The MBi (Meaningful Brands index) is the first global analytical framework to connect human well-being with brands at a business level.

It’s unique in both scale – 700 brands, over 134,000 consumers, 23 countries – and scope.

It demonstrates in hard financial terms, how the relationship between people and brands can benefit from measuring, communicating and delivering increased well-being.

Meaningful Brands study statistically demonstrate that Meaningful Brands outperform the stock market by 120%- an outperformance on par with the top hedge funds.

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